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Bethesda Lutheran Church is pleased to provide financial support for Bethesda youth attending summer Lutheran Bible Camp. Note: the early-bird registration deadline for Riverside Lutheran Bible Camp is Feb. 15, 2018.

The following guidelines have been established for 2018 Campership stipend distribution:
A) Any Bethesda student (entering 3rd grade through 12th grade) attending an ELCA-affiliated Lutheran Bible Camp is eligible.
B) The amount of the stipend will be determined after the Stipend Request deadline of Sun. March 18, 2018, has passed. The total campership budget amount will be divided by the total number of youth submitting Campership Stipend Request Forms to determine the amount given to each camper.
1. Completed Stipend Request Forms for summer 2018 are due to the church office no later than Noon, Sunday, March 18, 2018. You may complete and submit the form online (see below).
2. Parents are required to register with their camp (Riverside early-bird registration is Feb. 15). Bethesda will work with the camp to deduct the amount of the stipend, and families will only be required to pay the difference.
3. Parents of stipend recipients will receive an e-mail detailing the amount of the gift prior to April 15, 2018.
Questions? Contact Director of Youth & Family Ministries, Dan Hinderaker.

Bethesda believes that Bible Camp is an important and exciting way to learn about and experience growth in one’s faith. Camp stipends are presented to Bethesda youth as a show of support and are not based on financial need. So that every Bethesda youth has an equal opportunity to participate in a camp experience, larger partial and full-tuition scholarships are available upon request and use of such will be held strictly confidential.


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